1. Login to WordPress Admin
  2. (Ignore #2-6 if already created during creating Home page) From WordPress Admin, click on Pages -> Add New

    pages add new

  3. Enter title Home Page and keep the body empty or write something identical and Publish the page.

    page homepage

  4. Create another page with title Blog and Publish

    page blogpage

  5. From WordPress Admin, click on Settings -> Reading

    settings reading

  6. Under Your homepage displays choose A static page (select below) and select Homepage: as Home Page you just created and Posts page: as Blog you just created

    settings reading setting

  7. From the WordPress Admin, click on WT THEME_NAME Theme

    global click theme

  8. Click Layout under Base Outline

    search options

  9. Now scroll down and modify Aside, Main and Sidebar if necessary for creating/editing Widgets positions and width etc.
  10. Click on Content under Base Outline

    global theme click content

  11. Now customize your Blog and Blog posts title, content, image size as necessary.