1. Login to WordPress Admin
  2.  (Skip step #2-5 if you want to create new layout/outline for existing pages) From WordPress Admin, click on Pages -> Add New to create a new page

    pages add new

  3. Enter a title (E.g. Custom Page) and keep the body empty or write something identical and Publish the page.

    page homepage

  4. Click on Appearance -> Menus and create a menu item for this Custom Page page

    global click appearance menu

  5. Add the page to menu

    outline new create menu

  6. From the WordPress Admin, click on WT THEME_NAME Theme

    global click theme

  7. Click on Outlines forn top right corner

    outline select home page

  8. Click on + button to create new outline

    outline new create

  9. Title : add a name of your new Outline
    Create From : select Outline
    Outline : select Base Outline
    Inhert: uncheck the checkbox
    Click on Confirm button.

    outline new window

  10. Click on Back To Setup button from top right corner

    outline new back to setup

  11. Select Custom Page out line you just created

    outline new select outline

  12. Click on Assignment under Custom Outline and select pages, menu items, WordPress core pages and Plugins specific core pages you want to assign to this new layout and click on Save Assignment button

    outline new assignment

  13. Click on Layout under Custom Page outline

    outline new layout

  14. Scroll down and click config icon next to Header section

    outline new click section config

  15. Click on Inheritance tab
    Mode : choose Inherit
    Outline : select Base Outline or the outline you want to clone header section's content
    Replace: select both, so if you modify the content on this Header section later, it will also updated in this layout
    Click on Apply and Save.

    outline new inherit

  16. Repeat above steps for Navigation, Bottom, Footer and other sections you want to Inherit contents from another outline.
  17. Look around the layout and make it yours as necessary.
  18. You can also change styles for this outline by click on the Styles tab and add custom CSS and JS and add/remove atoms only for this outline by clicking on the Page Setting tab.