1. Login to your WordPress Admin
  2. From WordPress Admin, click on WT THEME_NAME Theme

    global click appearance menu

  3. Click on Layout under Base Outline

    global theme click layout

  4. Scroll down to Header section, click config icon next to the Header Toolbar particle (if you theme doesn't have Header section, please check Sidebar and Aside section)

    global theme config header toolbar

  5. Click on Search Options tab (on some themes, you may find it on Navigation Toolbar under Navigation section or under Sidebar or Aside section)

    search options

  6. Choose a search icon and click on Pick a Widget button
  7. Fron widgets list, click onĀ Wt Product Search and click Select button

    search select search widget

  8. Configure the search widget as you need and click on Apply button

    search widget settings

  9. Click on Apply and Save button.